Since we are experts in the permitting process, we will ensure your submission includes local requirement, avoiding unnecessary delays



We represent your project at the local level, being able to meet with local reviewers when it is needed to obtain approval


We work with your design team to develop plans that meet local requirement, reducing the number of resubmittals.

Consulting Services

This service includes a variety of areas related to site site development and building permits

One specific area of Elite’s consulting service was created as an alternative to private provider services. Most jurisdictions require that if we do the plan review, we also do the inspections. We understand that sometimes you cannot afford the complete additional cost of private provider services, therefore we provide only a portion of the service as consulting.

For example, for a series of multi story buildings we provide a complete review of a set of plans and ensure full code compliance prior to submitting for permitting, minimizing the number of submitting. This type of submittal normally takes a couple of submissions, this being said we act as your local representative to meet with local reviewers and discuss code sections and interpretation on your behalf. If you are working with a design team from out of town, we can provide significant savings and our services pay for itself by being your representative at a local level.

Another example of this services is when we review the plans and advise where the building code have been exceeded, therefore you can use these areas to do value engineering and reduce the overall cost of the project. We provide recommendations while keeping in mind the code requirements. These services usually pay for itself.