Know The Rules

We are familiar with local forms and regulations, therefore we will make sure your permit has everything that the local department needs.

Save You Time

We will do the waiting at the local department, while you use your time to grow your business.

As Needed Service

We can process all your permits or only a few of them. The convenience of our services on as needed basis..

Complete Service

We can customize to your needs to pick up, drop off, and submit additional paperwork during the course of your project.

Permit Submission / Permit Runners

Why spend time waiting at the building department when you can be doing more productive things for your business? Let us help you with the permitting process while you use your valuable time growing your business. Being a former government employee, I understand first hand how long it could take at the local building department to submit for permit. Many times after waiting good 20-30 mins in line you learn that you can’t submit because there was one document that you did not have ready, so you have to come back the next day.

We can make sure that your application is completed and you have the paperwork that the local government needs, plus we do all the waiting for you. We can create special packages that suit your specific needs.

Few useful City and County links on Building, Permitting and Inspections Division