Plan Review

We review the plans for code compliance prior submitting them to the local building department reducing the number of submittals.


We perform inspections in accordance to your schedule, including weekend, before/after hours saving you significant down time.


How does it work?

When using a private provider, the permit has to be processed through the local jurisdiction, however if we are part of your team we review the plans for code compliance and ensure that the plan is correct before submitting for permit, reducing the number of resubmissions considerably. For the inspection portion, you coordinate your inspections with our office to meet your schedule providing you greater flexibility and better time management. We then communicate with the local building departments to provide results. The process is slightly different in each jurisdiction.

Will anyone else review the plans?

Yes, private provider only covers the building department portion. The local jurisdiction will still review for Zoning, Health, Fire , and any other local requirements. Our company provides full coordination with these entities to obtain permits with a minimum number of review cycles.

Will I get a reduction on permit fees by the county/city for inspections and /or plan review if I use private provider?

Unfortunately no, most jurisdictions are funded solely by permit fees, therefore they need to receive all possible fees to maintain operations. Local jurisdictions may choose to audit the review and/or inspections as they wish therefore all audit expenses will be covered.

Do I have to wait for the county/city inspector to audit before covering my work?

No, by State Statute once the inspection is done by our inspectors you can proceed with construction. The audit can occur after the work is covered.

Why should you choose us as your private provider?

We have the experience and knowledge of the local permit requirements and we place it at your service. You can use our services for convenience and to save time in the overall completion of your project .We provide a complete review of the plans before the plans are submitted, reducing the possibilities of the plans being rejected. On the inspection side, you don't have to wait around for the inspector to show up, which could be anytime between 8am to 4pm. We coordinate with you for efficiency allowing you to better manage the project and be more efficient with your time. On Average, depending on the jurisdiction plan review and inspections for a new single family home can save you 4 -5 weeks on the completion of the house. In other words, how valuable is your time?